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 A full body dumbbell class based on timed intervals making it suitable for all levels.

This class starts with full body intervals and then moves into Hiit Functional Intervals followed by Tabata and then The X factor, Core and Flexibility. 


 Partner Based KickBoxing Classes. Learn Real Kickboxing Skills and Techniques in these 60 minute classes. This workout will give you the best of learning skills and a sweet sweat session. Equipment is required and available for purchase at The Gym - Boxing Strength Fitness.


Full body dumbbell time based class available for all levels with layers of modification and progressions. The class heats up with warm up and heads straight into circuits. Next the DBs come out for lower strength, we leave that all behind for upper body strength and we finish it off with core and cooldown.


Kickboxing classes of 30- 60 minutes of non stop action packed combos.  These rounds are set on a 2 minutes on 30 seconds off interval with 30 second higher intensity spikes. Bring a towel your gloves, wraps, and don't forget your water.


Join us in the great outdoors for some fantastic company and little cardio. This class is good for the heart and soul. We have running walking and interval options for everyone and we finish off with a little yoga specific for runners and walkers. Strollers and dogs welcome


Lift With Bobbi focuses on the overall benefits of strength training.  Each workout will focus on proper weight lifting technique to build muscle making you stronger and fitter enhancing your quality of life and improving your day to day activities 45- 60 min


This is a 45 minute fast paced action packed program.

These workouts are designed for every fitness level., incorporating both strength training and kickboxing . Join us for a fun full body workout every single time. Progress is measured on a tracking system!!


A non traditional Yoga class is now being offered 6 days a week with morning evening and weekend options. Join Bobbi for a calorie burning flexibility class . Get ready to "Hulk it Up" this is not your mammas yoga...BYOM.

45-60 Minutes


12 Big Rounds of MMA inspired Shadow Boxing. The first four rounds are intervals with high intensity spikes. Rounds four to eight are all about conditioning, we slow down the pace and focus on technique and strength. The last four rounds we take it up a level by adding a bonus move to each of the rounds, then we finish it off fast and furious before we cool it off with a little stretching session. 55-60 Minutes




Month to Month

Month to Month Cancel Anytime 


12 Week  Fitness Challenge

A Fitness Challenge Focused on Fun and Flexibility. Build your own schedule with KickBoxing Kangoo Yoga and Lifting options.


The Gym 24/7 Membership

12 Months includes free access card and a 5 class pass

Ultimate Fitness Pass

12 Months 24/7 Gym and unlimited Fitness Classes $119.99/Month

$149.99/ Month Cancel anytime. 

Individual passes and ten passes are available.



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