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The Boxing Club...more than JUST Boxing!

At The Boxing Club, we offer a variety of classes and fitness programs for a variety of ages. View our class descriptions below.

Boxing Programs | Beginner/Competitive/Recreational Boxing
Come Box with us – whether it is to stay in shape or to Box competitively. Either way boxing is one of the best sports for staying healthy and in shape.  

Ages: 6-Adult

Competitive Details:
  • Program runs four nights a week (Mon/Wed starting at 6:00 pm- 8:00pm) 
  • Prior to events Competitors may require additional training days
  • Competitors will require a medical form from the club to be completed by a licensed doctor

Beginner Recreational and Competitive boxers must be 6 years of age or older. Recreational boxers will box the same twice a week, without contact therefore not requiring the medical form. This program can take you from beginner to competition level.

Equipment Requirements:
  • Handwraps
  • Mouth Guard
  • T-shirt, shorts/sweatpants
  • Indoor shoes and outdoor shoes (spring and summer)
  • Head Gear
  • No Foul Protector
  • Boxing gloves, focus pads (we have these available for rent or purchase)

All equipment can be purchased or ordered through the club.

To Apply Call or Drop In 780 233 7534 

Fun Boxing BootCamp
Monday/Wednesday 6-7pm
The Boxing Club offers this class for beginner boxers ages 6-10, this class will focus on technique, endurance, and strength through various activities and games, there is no contact boxing in this class, however a big focus on fun and physical activity to help build stamina for upcoming progressive programs. We will take junior boxers ages 9 and 10 into this program on parent request, but please note the progressive boxing program designed for sport and competition is on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will be ages 10 and older.

On The Rope 30 minute Boxing/Kickboixng Circuit

On The Ropes 

A 30 minute action packed Boxing/Kickboxing circuit for Men and Women.

Monthly Payment Options available.

Thirty minutes not long enough? Just say "Extra Rounds" and the coaches will modify your circuit to a 45 or even 60 minute workout!

Fast paced, challenging, and empowering!

Now available a 11 Round workout circuit!

On The Ropes

Become less of a “Heavy Weight” and more of a “Light Weight”. Get in the best shape of your life with On The Ropes Boxing fitness.

High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT Training, workouts are the new normal in today’s fitness world.

These workout principles have actually been around for years followed by boxers and all types of martial arts and combative sports. 

These workouts are said to yield the best fitness results, however, not everyone wants to actually fight or get hit.

On The Ropes is a 30 minute action packed Boxing/Kickboxing circuit for Men and Women.

Thirty minutes not long enough? Just say "Extra Rounds" and the coaches will modify your circuit to a 45 or even 60 minute workout!

Fast paced, challenging, and empowering.  Now available a 10 Round Workout With Weights!


Monday thru Thursday 9:00am - 12:00pm & 4:30pm - 8:00pm

 9:00am - 12:00pm & 4:30pm - 7:00pm 

10am - 1:00pm

Sunday Closed for Summer

Book Your On The Ropes Three Trial, three trials and free hand wraps to see what you think!

Call to reserve your spot 780 233 7534

Combo Fit Get Fit Not Hit Boxing Fitness Group Classes

Combo Fit Get Fit Not Hit - Fitness Boxing &

Fitness Kick Boxing With Kristina

This is an action packed 60-75 minutes of heavy bag, partner focus pad work, real punching & light contact, and of course always some time for abs! We will put a major emphasis on correct form and technique through this class.

Equipment required and available through club.

P90X Group Fitness Full Body Wokrout

P90X Live

Get mind blowing results with this proven total body conditioning class. Get ready for some intense workouts that utilize the science of muscle confusion, constantly switching things up to bust through plateaus. The option to use weights, resistance bands, or body weight along with modifications for all exercises the class is literally suitable for all levels. A class for focus, great music, friendly competition, encouragement and personal fitness breakthroughs!

Kangoo & Kangoo Kids Can 2 

Kangoo is a 60 minute full body super fun cardio conditioning workout class. Kangoo is the world wide leading brand for safe mobile rebound exercise.

Have Fun while getting fit! Pre registration is mandatory to ensure everyone gets the proper footwear. Please add shoe size when registering.

Kids Can 2 Kangoo Looking for something fun for the kids to do, perhaps while you are going through the 11 rounds of On The Ropes your kids can be bouncing away extra energy in this 45 minute kids can 2 Kangoo class.

Pre registration is mandatory to ensure everyone gets the proper footwear. Please add shoe size when registering. Shoes sizes available 1-3, 4-6, & 6-7.5

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is a total body resistance class utilizing body weight vs. body angle for an all-core, all-the-time workout. This class is for all fitness levels, as you have the ability to adjust your intensity entirely throughout the class. This is great if you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, to get started or to check out the TRX and see what all the hype is about. Limited space.

Country Heat

This is a choreographed high energy, low impact country line dance inspired workout that is designed for all fitness levels. In this 60 minute class you will learn 16-20 dance moves that are going to give you a full body workout without even realizing your torching tonnes of calories. Singles, couples and kids 10+ are welcome.

Tuesday evening 6:30pm


Turbo Kick

The Ultimate cardio kickboxing experience, Turbo Kick Live is perfect for the beginner and elite fitness enthusiast alike!  This fat-burning workout combines cardio kickboxing with body sculpting                HIIT moves choreographed to the hottest music mixes.  This class is high-energy and super                     addicting! Ready to become a total knockout??

Core de Force

Core de Force Live is the high-energy, non contact group fitness class that mixes MMA-inspired cardio drills with explosive power moves for a full body conditioning workout.  Cardio spikes burn major calories and your own body weight provides resistance-no equipment needed.

WAIT there's MORE......

Rock Steady Boxing

In This Corner, Hope. Fighting Back Against Parkinsons, this class is open to adults 55 and older even if you don't have parkinsons and just want to join a friendly group of older adults for a boxing based fitness workout.

For more info visit here

Unlimited Membership

Can't decide on just ONE class? 

Would you like to have access to attend ALL the classes, whenever, and as many times as you like? Including On The Ropes Boxing Circuit and Workout Room.

Purchase our UNLIMITED membership! 


Purchase a 10 pass punchcard to try a variety of classes.  Some exceptions may apply to registered progressive classes.

Interested in Becoming an Instructor 

Get Certified with Fitness KickBoxing Master Trainer and Club Coach Bobbi Bourbeau, for upcoming courses and workshops

Call 780-233-7534 for details

Upcoming Courses:

July 20 TurboKick Instructor Course

July 21 Transform Live Instructor Course

August 9 Fitness KickBoxing Canada Level 2 Instructor Course

September 13 Fitness KickBoxing Canada Level 3 Instructor Course

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